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Wondering how to make your hair grow better? Do it naturally with these 8 tips.

CC BY 2.0 Ralph Unden

There are few things more frustrating than getting a haircut that you regret the next day. It takes so long for hair to grow that fixing damage inflicted by scissors seems to take an eternity. The good news is that there are some natural methods for encouraging hair growth. Keep in mind that hair is a reflection of inner health. What you put into your body will show in the health of your hair, so the best way to make it grow is to treat it well.

11 essential tips for summer hair care

CC BY 2.0 Maria Morri

Keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long using these natural, chemical-free methods.

Natural hair rules in the summer! Now is the season to let go of perfect, sleek hairdos and embrace that loose, natural look. Learn how to protect your hair from the heat, sun, and humidity without turning it into an endless battle.